Who is EU-Rope?

EU-Rope is the trade sales outlet for ESINEM-Rope, which is Esinem's rope bondage supplies business selling worldwide through it's own store, Amazon and eBay, plus a newtwork of re-sellers.

It is a partnership between rope artists, Esinem and Nina Russ, so all your enquiries will be handled personally by people who know the subject inside out.

What so special about EU-Rope?

We specialise in rope bondage products and don't try to be a jack of all trades, preferring  to be masters of this one. As we sell massive amounts of natural fibre rope, the tail is in the position to wag the dog. In other words, we can specify exactly what we want and our suppliers will make it. Not only that, but our purchasing power means a wider choice of suppliers and better prices.

The result is superb rope in a wide choice of styles that are perfect for every type of bondage at great prices. We stock everything from nasty scratchy palm hemp to silky soft jute, in at least half a dozen styles, and hemp, plus a variety of accessories.

How do I know you are any good?

Feel free to ask around in rope groups and forums! We are absolutely confident our reputation will speak for itself. There are numerous threads on Fetlife and other forums extolling our products. You'll see the customer ratings on eBay, ESINEM-Rope and Amazon ratings are exceptional.

Our products are re-sold internationally by a growing number of suppliers, such as Jade Rope and Mauikink, plus about three dozen other resellers.

What about stock and delivery?

If it's listed on the site, it's in stock and we can courier it to you anywhere in the world, pretty much, within a few days. We can even do trans-Atlantic next day! No more grumpy customers who have been waiting weeks grumbling on the forums about slow deliveries and no stock!