Site updates

23rd Jan 2016

Erm, it seemed the site had gone a little haywire. As far as I can tell, automated listing updates from my order processing system were creating additional sections and listings in rather random place … read more

Upgraded main lines

23rd Jan 2016

Given that several rope break incidents, none of which were attributable to my rope thankfully, have come to my attention over the past year or so, I am encouraging the use of more robust main lines. … read more

Amazing new linen hemp: Amanawa Premium

23rd Jan 2016

It takes very special hemp bondage rope to impress me, especially as a devout fan of jute, but I have just been stunned by the new hemp rope that my suppliers have made. When I unpacked, I literally w … read more

New stocks are on their way!

26th Jul 2015

As you might have noticed Osaka 5mm is a victim of its own success and is out of stock again. Never fear, I have replenishment of all items in the next delivery which should arrive late week commencin … read more

Osaka 5mm has landed!

7th Apr 2015

I have just had about 30 reels of 5mm Osaka arrive. This batch has come up a little thinner and is pretty much spot on 5mm. As the last batch was a little over, around 5.3mm, you will probably notice … read more