Finally! Osaka 5mm is on its way

1st Apr 2015

I have just heard that my suppliers have just shipped my order of 5mm Osaka. Unfortunately, in the previous delivery, they used the wrong yarn so I ended up with a load of 5mm old style Asanawa. This … read more

New delivery on the way!

12th Feb 2015

Finally, I've heard that my back-order will be cleared and they are shipping tomorrow (Fri 13 Feb). This means they will be plenty of stock of everything. The bad news is that shortages of qualit … read more

Solving that Xmas gift dilemma

25th Oct 2014

I hate to say it but there are not so many days to Xmas and us retailers need to gear up early. Why not make life easy for customers? Put together a gift pack at a favourable price: Some ropes, oi … read more

New 6mm Osaka now in!

26th Aug 2014

After getting the first batch of my new 5mm Osaka, our first thought was "It's perfect but we need this in 6mm too". 11,500m of 6mm arrived Monday and it meets all my expectations. Both the 5mm and 6m … read more