New jute rope, Osaka: So Japanese!

26th Aug 2014

Osaka 5mm jute shibari rope is now available! This is without a doubt my favourite rope to date, which is destined to be a best seller. The buzz is already starting on forums, social media and around … read more

Steel shibari rings back in stock

3rd Mar 2014

I took me by surprise how quickly the chunky steel shibari rings sold and they ran out before the wooden ones. The good news is that I have just received another 50 of them and 20 more wooden ones.Giv … read more

Big delivery due 4 March

3rd Mar 2014

My apologies that stock has been a bit low the past few days. I only had a part delivery of my pre-Xmas order, which left me a bit short and you guys will keep buying it :-)  The good news is tha … read more