New stocks are on their way!

26th Jul 2015

As you might have noticed Osaka 5mm is a victim of its own success and is out of stock again. Never fear, I have replenishment of all items in the next delivery which should arrive late week commencing 7 July.

Another rope well worth looking at is the new Tossa Lite 5.5mm which has more body that the existing (nominal) 5mm and 6mm. The 5mm and 6mm are under-diameter but the 5.5mm seems spot on and a tighter lay. The double twisted yarn makes more resistant to picking up loops or high-stranding than a single yarn, making it a great rope for beginners or those who want a very resilient rope. The downside is that double yarn is not as smooth as single yarn. Of course, like many things in life, you can't have it both ways.